Get the CLEANTAN LOOK: The 'No Make-Up' Look

Get the CLEANTAN LOOK: The 'No Make-Up' Look

Uber talented Alicia Keys is THE pioneer of ‘the no make-up look’ and also CLEANTAN’S IDOL! Looking flawless at the 2016 BET Awards, she isn’t shy about touting her use of self-tanner to achieve the ultimate No Make-Up trend!

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Get the look at home:

  • Start with a clean, dry face
  • Mix a 2 to 5 drops of CLEANTAN Quickie Concentrate with your facial moisturizer, lotion, serum, or oil
  • Apply on T-Zone and work out using your fingers or preferred beauty tool, avoiding hairline
  • Immediately wash hands
  • Optional: Wait 5 minutes and apply sun protection

THE RESULT: Instant luminosity with ultra-sheer coverage; a serious antioxidant boost to complement your skincare regime. A natural golden tan that will last days to weeks!



In our opinion, Jennifer Lopez is the OG Queen of contouring! Check out JLo’s striking features at the Billboard Music Awards, Las Vegas in 2015. For days when sharp angles are key, everyone could do with a little facial contouring.

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Get the look at home: Do ALL or just some areas of your face!

  • Start with a clean, moisturized face and neck
  • Mix a 5 to 10 drops of CLEANTAN Quickie Concentrate with a pea to dime size of your facial moisturizer, lotion, serum, or oil. Mix in small bowl or on back of hand
  • JAWLINE: Using a beauty sponge or small, dense bronzing brush, carefully apply along the entire jawline, to just past your ear lobe
  • DOUBLE CHIN: Using your preferred beauty tool, apply and blend mixture under entire chin area, pulling the product all the way back toward your neck until it fades away
  • CHEEK: Using the tip of a beauty blender or a smaller, dense brush, apply just below cheekbone, ending at mid-cheek. Blend as needed.
  • NOSE: Using the tip of a beauty blender or a small angled brush, carefully apply mixture beginning at brows, drawing two straight lines down the sides of your nose. OPTIONAL: Connect these lines at the bottom, at an angle, between your nostrils. It should look like a downwards arrow
  • FOREHEAD: Using smaller bronzing brush, lightly apply CLEANTAN mixture either entirely along hairline, or just in the corners of forehead, depending on desired facial shape
  • FOR DARKER SKINTONES OR FOR EXTREME CONTOURING: Using your desired beauty tool, apply 5 to 15 drops of CLEANTAN directly to skin, no cocktailing necessary!

Wait 6 to 8 hours for contouring to ‘develop and set’ before showering or applying make-up

THE RESULT: A semi-permanent contoured look that will last from one to 3 weeks! No joke.


Follow Beauty Boss Huda Kattan for the ultimate make-up and contouring tips and tricks!

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Yes, men LOVE self tanners! Especially those who work out like Zac Efron, shown here DAPPER AS HELL in a tan suit at a Hollywood premiere in 2016. Hot and famous men across the board love to keep their goods golden such as Rob Lowe, Bradley Cooper, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. No complaints here.

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Get the look at home:

  • Start with a clean, freshly shaven, and dry face or body
  • FACE: Mix a 2 to 5 drops of CLEANTAN Quickie Concentrate with your facial gel or lotion, post shave balm or beard oil. Thoroughly apply on face, neck, ears and back of neck. Optional: Wait 5 minutes and apply sun protection
  • BODY: Use as directed on our Quick & Dirty Page
  • Immediately wash hands
  • Wait 6 to 8 hours before working out or showering
  • Use one to two times weekly

THE RESULT: A Malibu tan for the man! A self-tan will instantly make you look slimmer and more defined. It’s all about shaping and shadowing - for EVERY BODY.


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Even at a striking 70 years of age, Arnold Schwarzenegger is so California! Here he is at the Los Angeles premiere of his movie "the expendables 2" in Hollywood, CA.
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His timeless tan really shows off those baby blues! Rob Lowe at the launch party for "brothers and sisters the complete first season" at San Antonio Winery, CA.
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